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3 Walk in Robe Design Ideas

You've finally decided to ditch the clutter and invest in a walk in robe that actually fits all your stuff - first of all, good job. You'll never look back.

When clients ask me to design a walk in robe, I usually go for a luxury yet functional design by using downlights, sleek drawers and shelving and an ageless colour scheme.

If you are stuck on ideas, you've come to the right place. I've got three for you straight off the bat!

  1. Consider using double hanging to optimise space. Which means a bar across the top, within reach and across the bottom without your clothes touching the floor.

  2. Under your long hanging clothes like pants - put your shoe storage!

  3. Add strip lighting at the top of the wardrobe and even across the back. It helps to light up a usually smaller space while creating an atmosphere.

As always, contact us at VIBE Design Studio for any questions you might have when designing your WIR!

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