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4 Kitchen Design Tips by Caris

Planning kitchen layouts are always the hardest to decide which way you want to swing! You want it to be accessible, functional and aesthetically pleasing too!

That's why I usually stick to these main guides when designing a clients kitchen.

1. Triangle – You want to put everything in a triangular work flow. Have your pantry, sink and cooking space all within this triangle sweet spot.

2. Figure out whether the client values more bench space or storage space. - imagine yourself in the kitchen and see what you usually find more useful. Once you decide this, you will find you start to gravitate towards designs that are more suited to you.

3. Always try to push your cabinetry right up to the ceiling to avoid collecting dust. (Thank me later)

4. Design enough space to live around your cooktop and sink. For all the times I have gone to put something hot down next to the cooktop and realised I already had chopped ingredients, a cook book, tea towel and 3 forks there in the way - I would have saved a lot of burnt fingers if I had just that little extra bit of space.

As always, send me an email if you ever need a question answered!


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