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9 mistakes you're making in you're living room

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Buying furniture you don't want to sit on.

It might look amazing but it doesn’t mean its always right for your home. We love to see tiny chairs and super sleek sofas but unless you actually will be comfortable in it, theres no reason to have it. Especially in a room where you may be entertaining guests - the room just wont get used.

Putting your sofa against the wall.

Even though for small spaces this may be necessary - when you have the option you should definitely have your sofa floating around the middle of the room. It makes it look bigger and more thoughtfully arranged

Hanging pictures at the wrong height.

In scale - 152 cms from finished floor to centre of image - the average persons eye level. The perfect height.

Not having enough sources of light.

Your space should have a variety of light sources, including recessed, hanging fixtures, and more.

Underestimating the power of pillows.

It is a huge missed opportunity to only throw 2 pillows on the couch and call it a day. Express your style and make you couch way cosier with a bunch of pillows.

Not having curtains touch the floor.

It throws the whole room off balance and scale. If your curtains don’t hit the right height, it can make your room feel smaller.

Only thinking symmetrically.

Embrace oddly shaped pieces and enjoy a more modern way of entertaining. Organic spaces encourage guests to float through the room.

Replacing all of your furniture at once.

Refreshing your living room doesn't necessarily mean buying all new furniture at once. Instead, gradually add/or replace furniture

Not paying attention to measurements.

A piece may look perfect in the store, but how will it fit into your space. Definitely bring a tape measure to all of your furniture stores and remember to tape it out before buying.

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