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Colour in 2021

Having a bit of colour can help your home come back to life and bring tired spaces some joy. We want you to see the love you first saw when you bought or built your home.

In 2021, we expect to see soft, sun-baked neutrals bring a gentle warmth to interiors. We are still spending quite a bit of our time at home and although it is nice, we need a change.

If you are wanting to build more of a comfortable space, adding curves and arches are the way to go. Adding these elements with deep cushioning feels really relaxing and inviting and it’s super easy to navigate.

A few tips from our end that can help you achieve your goals:

- Style your earthy colour scheme with raw textures and natural finishes

- Choose the right white (speak to your interior designer about this)

- Consider the whole room as a whole before deciding where to apply these new changes

- Add a few statement pieces to balance it out

- Avoid clutter - clean the mess and keep it organised

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