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Complete Home Renovation

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

In December 2019, alongside Go2 Homes, we completed a full home renovation for our client. The brief was to create an open, bright and functional kitchen for entertaining with a classic touch. This early 2000's home needed a fresh update as the kitchen felt closed and incredibly dark. The style direction for this space was transitional; mixing traditional elements of shaker cabinets with modern fixtures such as black tap ware, handles and lighting.

The current bathrooms were Bali inspired and needed an update to carry though the style of the kitchen. The clients requested removal of the built in, large open showers and more storage in the vanities. The new wet area design did slightly deviate to Scandinavian, however continued elements such as tap ware, herringbone tile and bench top material maintained flow.

The clients were delighted with the outcome of all the spaces. Changing the layout of the kitchen from a U shaped to a L shape and large 1200 island maximised storage and provided a comfortable fit for high quality appliances. By removing the spa and glass in the ensuite, we were able to create a feature wall, large walk in shower and a long double vanity giving the space a sense of grander. Equally, removing the bath in the bathroom and using light colour tones opened the space entirely.

The design and build process proved a seamless renovation with a designer outcome meeting the clients vision.

Caris Letchford

Vibe Design Studio

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