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I tend to lean towards a neutral, earthy colour palette that holds longevity within your home and will match most home decor pieces. Then, using greenery provides that extra touch of colour!

Once you've decided your colour scheme, it's important to consider texture - it can add warmth to your space, hand carved or patterns pots do the trick or team up your indoor plants with some woven baskets and pot bags!

Remember different shapes and sizes create balance in the space too. So keep that in mind when doing your pots and plants shopping. A few simple tips that I like to give are as follows:


- Pinky toned leaves match with blush or earthy toned pots

- Tall plants match with woven baskets to create a beachy resort look

- Tall plants also match with tall pots, so make sure you don't get anything too small

- Classic green plants match well with a simple white pot or the plain colour of whichever colour scheme you are trying to achieve

Creating a green space requires more dimension and levels than just floor level. Try hanging up your plants from the roof or placing them around the house at hip or eye level.


- Hang trailing plants over the side of a desk or book shelf

- Sit plants alongside a window

- Sit beside the edge of the bed

- Use plant hangers

Plants are essential in purifying the air, reducing stress and even helping you sleep better. Add them into your decor today!!

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