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Home styling from the experts

Image of Josie, Owner of Decor Avenue

This week we spoke with the amazing Josie who owns and runs a bespoke homewares store called Décor Avenue that is thriving amidst the building boom. We asked her a few questions about interior styling, and she gave us some helpful tips for those starting to style after their renovation or new build.

We started with the basics: What is your colour palette recommendation for 2021?

“I always recommend going with what you like, don’t follow the trends as they change, and your personality and style don’t” says Josie.

“I am going for calming tones for 2021, colours that makes me happy but help me relax when I get home from a hectic day of work […] so blues, greens and grey, neutrals is my favourite palette at the moment and is what I am basing my home renovation with!”

When you first begun home styling, what was your most helpful tip?

Josie told us that creating small vignettes are the way to go. “Small arrangements of décor that works well together but have different heights and textures” She explained that you can’t go wrong with a nice arrangement of vases, mixed with a floral, greenery and some books!

Image from her store: Credit @decoravenueau

Josie, what is your favourite home decor store at the moment?

“Am I biased if I say my own?” She laughed.

“I run Décor Avenue and it is really a one stop shop, so my favourite place to source items for my clients and myself!”

Josie said her next best is West Elm and sourcing overseas from CB2 and Crate and Barrel.

If you could recommend 1 decor home item that everyone needs, what would it be?

“My go-to would be a bold and versatile vase that can act as a feature on its own but also compliment the décor with flowers or greenery” says Josie.

If you would like to see more of what Josie does over at Décor Avenue, feel free to visit their website and follow them on Instagram @decoravenueau

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