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How to transform your home on a budget

When it comes to renovations a lot of us are invested in our homes and would like to spruce it up to fall back in love. It's easy to exceed budgets and over capitalise on your renovation. The below pointers will give you the most value for money.

Paint is the easiest way of transforming your house without compromising the budget. The colour of your home can set the overall tone and feel. For example a sandy off white will give your house a sense of warmth whereas dark grey will give an edgy and modern vibe. Try to be guided with what your house represents, existing unchangeable features as well as its location. Also be mindful of flooring you may be matching it with.

Carpet is another way of lifting an older house. Moving away from the thick pile carpets, a chunky or low wool or nylon is the way to go. Again, keeping within the same tones of the house.

Adding stylish artwork and cost effective soft furnishings sourced at retailers such as #kmart can bring another life to your home. I try to choose the statement art first and then draw the colours and tones from this. In some circumstances, you may need to work with existing pieces in your home, then choose appropriate art. If your artwork is simple then you should experiment with colourful accessories.

photo: Kyal & Kara

Kitchen can be a little tricky with budget makeovers. Once something has been taken out, theres a possibility of the project snowballing bigger than expected. If your cabinetry carcass is is in good

condition, a fresh coat of paint will do the trick, especially if they are a solid timber. Patterned cabinet doors are back on trend so upcycle your old timber patterned cabinet doors wiht a fresh coat of paint. Changing bench tops and splash back are relatively simple and will also change the look. The bulk costs of a kitchen renovation is in the appliances, cabinetry and trades. By simply changing handles, you will get great bang for your buck!

An easy way to dress up your windows is installing a sheer curtain on a rod over living room and bedroom windows. This gives a sense of warmth and luxury and can also hide old verticals.

Let's take out those horrible oysters, plastic shades and exposed bayonets and change the lights to simple LED down lights, you'll see a difference in light.. OR pop a funky shade over the light or a new pendant.

Happy Make-Overing!

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