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If this was your house, what would you do?

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

A question I get asked often and it’s a pretty tricky question to answer. What would I do in a design situation for a client is pretty easy as I learn and understand their style and tailor the design to their taste and needs. However if it was my house, it would probably look nothing like your house.

My style is forever evolving and to be honest it will change again in year I bet!

My ideal home is to feel as though it has no time period.

Was it built last year?

Was it built 60 years ago?

I feel as though this would be difficult to achieve as we currently stand in 2022, these questions lends itself to a Mid Century Modern. One of my favourite examples is the Eames House. Architects Charles & Ray Eames designed the Eames house in 1949 – although the primary colours aren’t so in – the house is still current. I have always been a fan of Mid Century as it is a pared back foundation which allow for eclectic additions. My eclectic additions are pretty all over the place!

I would bring in, the earthiness and coastal feel of travertine, layering timber textures (very Mid Century and Japandi) for warmth, concretes for another raw texture. Heavy linens for window treatments and even a few roman blinds – I can seem them coming back on trend!

My tapware would be a brushed finish, I am still unsure which colour as I wouldn’t want my house to scream “remember when that was cool in 2022?!”. Having said that my clients are using the main 5 finishes (gold, chrome, black, brushed nickel, gunmetal) equally... And I don’t have a crystal ball on trends.

Colour wise, I’d like to make cream and grey come together and work in harmony. One of the first questions I ask clients is, do you want you house to lend itself to greys or a warmer beiges. Over the past 6 months trends have 100% moved to warmer tones. I say let’s merge them!

Greenery, the best part! I’d add in hardy and tropical plants to incorporate the plants which thrive in Australia’s climate as well as give a little holiday feel (my inner child still loves frangipanis).

Architecturally, the house would be centered around the back garden ideally with 2 wings so every room can look out, I’d have corner opening doors onto a large alfresco & pool, all of course with a flat roof – now a bit of Palm Spring in there too!

Did you read any Hamptons in there?! And as much as I love designing and getting into the details of this style of home, it’s just not for me!

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