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It's not your builders fault...

Image by HouseGuru: Designed by Vibe Design Studio

The building boom during COVID19 was going to be quite the dream for our local builders, designers and home specialists with thousands of Aussies signing up to build.

However, it seems as though no matter the pre-covid price to build, your house will cost more, and your construction will take longer. Major timber suppliers in Australia have notified builders of an expected increase of price in August and unlikely to settle until at least next year.

But - the high demand, price increases, delays and material shortages affect more than just the customer.

In a recent article by ABC, Master Builders Sunshine Coast regional manager, Nicola Scott said that there have been financial and mental health impacts on our Australian builders.

"I'm very worried that, if they continue to have to absorb the costs, it has the potential to destroy them," Ms Scott said.

Don’t get me wrong though, your builder is trying to meet contractual requirements, and work to your time frames, but the situations they are dealing with are beyond their control.

Our builders, tradies and suppliers have been withstanding the worst of the price increases and delays. The hold ups are just unavoidable. It’s frustrating to have to pay more than what you would have if you decided to build pre-covid. We totally understand!

But just in case you thought it was your builders fault… read the article title ;)

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