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Interior trends we're seeing throughout this year | Part 1: Colour

by: Caris Letchford, Vibe Design Studio.


Back in November 2018 I was fortunate to attend a Design Institute of Australia’s interior design trend forecast for 2019. The event hosted by Sciavello, had speakers from Dulux, Warwick Fabric and Laminex. As we are smack bang in the middle of this year, I feel as though it’s time to have a recap of what we have seen and can expect to see more of this 2019 emerging into 2020.

Environmental Hues

Green based grey and red based timbers (rather than washed) are making a come back. We are starting to develop our interiors in reflection of our external environment with greater appreciation of Australian flora and fauna. This is related to our awareness of homes being our hub for a healthy mind and lifestyle and our connection to the environment


What? Not grey? Yep, we’re starting to see greys fade out as the base colour of the home. Copper faucets, tan leathers and warmer tones are being used as opposed to the cool greys. I'd recommend a more muddy than yellow based brown for walls. If you still can't part with grey, a warmer rather than cool grey is ideal. Dulux have a great guide of trend browns. Don’t stress, I can’t see beige and cream coming back too soon.

photos: Dulux


This was quite an interesting one for me to digest however after some research I can see pastels working particularly with apricots, "dirty" pinks and sage for areas such as paint, cabinetry and furnishings. Laminex have just released a new range of cabinetry colours to align with this trend.


Deep hues of turquoise and navy are great to use as a statement colour in a room. These colours represent regency for a luxurious room or work perfectly with a boho or coastal style home. These colours work harmoniously and compliment metallic finishes such as gold, copper and gunmetal. As these colours are contrasting and bold, pare these back with a lighter pop of colour and whites.

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