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3 Butler's Pantry Tips

The Butlers Pantry - the kitchen beyond the kitchen! It's been a great add on to clients renovation plans when they realise they can store all their appliances where no one can see them and makes the kitchen space look spotless (most of the time!)

So if you are thinking of adding one to your plans, here's three tips to consider:

  1. If there is a door to the pantry, use open shelves.

  2. Is there a space for the sink and dishwasher to be in the butlers pantry instead of the kitchen? If there is, consider whether that would work better for you instead.

  3. Use Pretty Little Design canisters to arrange your food items like oats, spices, rice etc - yes not many people see this side of your kitchen, but it sure does help finding things when you need them. Visit their website for more information on prices and labels!

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