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Smart Homes by Enlighten

Last week we spoke with Richard, the owner of Enlighten Systems - located in Mandurah, WA. Enlighten services the peel region, aiming at transforming ordinary homes into smart homes.

Many of us had questions - what does that even mean? Why do I need that?

So, I simply asked him, and here's what he had to say.

What makes a home, a smart home?

A Smart Home coordinates the technology in your life into experiences that reflect your lifestyle and are easy for your family to enjoy.

With one-touch or voice command, dim the lights, play music, turn up the heat, check the doors locked.

Or, have your house respond to your schedule and needs without touching anything at all, mimic your movements to give the impression you’re home even when you’re not, that’s what we call ‘Smart’.

Why are smart homes needed?

There are many ‘smart’ devices available today - TVs, thermostats, door locks, even light globes. Not without their benefits, as stand-alone devices whilst they maybe deemed ‘smart’ they often merely replace switches and remotes with a plethora of individual apps and interfaces on your smartphone.

A smart home can orchestrate multiple connected smart devices, making all the apps and solutions work together seamlessly.

It is the ability to coordinate these connected devices to create a personalised experience with solutions that maximize your comfort, convenience, entertainment and peace of mind that truly make your home become smart.

Are smart homes worth more?

According to Real Estate Agents, professionally installed Home Automation and Integrated Smart Technology such as Multizone Audio do add value, and any capital investment into these areas will be reflected in any final resale value.

That aside, the real value of well-designed and specified systems is the benefits they deliver every day when commissioned to reflect the lifestyles of the home-owners.

The real worth of a smart home is truly found in its ability to transform houses into homes that not only work efficiently but moreover provide the occupants the opportunity to create atmosphere and ambience that reflect their personalities in their everyday experiences.

Should I talk to my builder about wanting a smart home?

Talking with your builder, design consultant such as Vibe or a specialist automation company such as Enlighten Systems as you are planning your build or renovation is a great starting point. Just as solid foundations create strong houses, the backbone of a truly smart home is a stable and robust network.

Whilst there are a plethora of solutions available to meet all manner of circumstances, including retro-fit, it is always advantageous to take the opportunity to incorporate any electrical or network cabling at build stage.

A smart home really is about ‘creating intelligent spaces’ transforming houses into homes which reflect your lifestyle. So although unlike bricks and mortar, truly smart homes are created from what you don’t see, it is never too early or late to get informed on the benefits of incorporating an automation and control system into your project.

Who are Enlighten Systems and why are they different from the others?

We are experts at seamlessly integrating technology into homes and or businesses, simplifying and enhancing everyday living and customer experiences. In fact, Richard of Enlighten Systems have been installing System Automation & Integration since 2007, originally to pioneering UK clients that wanted to ride the first wave of technological innovation in this field. Since 2018, we have been providing Perth, Peel and SouthWest homeowners access to market leading quality products and technologies.

Richard is eager to share his knowledge and understanding of this continually evolving sector and genuinely still gets excited about the benefits that well designed products and technology bring to people’s lives. He is passionate about showcasing some of the endless possibilities in an everyday environment, using a section of his home as a ‘living showroom’, where potential clients can relax and make informed decisions, experiencing firsthand how ‘Smart’ systems can positively improve your day-to-day living.

Can enlighten help with setting up and installing my security?

Enlighten Systems are fully licensed Security Agents and Installers, which is a legislative requirement for any contractor offering Security Services.

Unlike some of our competitors, we do not believe in a ‘One System Fits All Approach. We recognise that the driving requirement for a security system can vary, not to mention that every client’s property can have a unique configuration or factors which could affect performance, excessive shade, obscure features or partial obstructions, or easy to access entry points which need added protection. At Enlighten Systems, wherever possible we seek to undertake a site visit prior to install, to ensure that our clients have the peace of mind that any products selected and specified for their Security System, offers the best solution for their unique circumstances. We ‘secure and protect what matters most’ to you.

What happens if there are technical problems in the connected house?

Fortunately, technical problems within a professionally installed Smart Home are rare but not withstanding this, if technical difficulties do occur, Enlighten Systems provide full technical support to our clients. Dependent on the nature of the problem, we can, with a client’s permission, login to review and remedy connectivity issues that may occur from time to time.

If it becomes apparent that the problem exists due to failure of a connected device’s hardware, we are happy to arrange a home visit to investigate, identify and agree any remedial works required.

Is it expensive to get this done to my home?

The beauty of a well-designed Smart Home or Business is that once you have chosen and invested in your Control Processor or as we like to talk it ‘the brain’, achieving a Smart Home is completely scalable.

Start with lighting, add in multizone Audio and Visual, integrate Climate Controls, or incorporate Access and Security systems.

Alternatively, start with one room, transform that open plan living area from a light and breezy family room to an atmospheric and cosy adult retreat or entertainment zone, using a simple command or scheduled scene change. And with prices starting from as little as $2000 installed, less than your average TV, Smart Homes are fast becoming the new normal.

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